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From a National Physical Laboratory Study:
“Lighting plays an important role. All in all, lighting represents approximately 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 19% of global energy consumption, which costs global end-users a grand total of $234 billion each year.”

Can you really afford not to investigate the financial and energy saving potential of lighting? A Maple Bear, insufficient facts do not compute. We lay out all the key figures in an easy to see format, allowing managers to properly quantify just what the lighting costs to keep on. With our help, our clients know exactly what they have and what can be done about it.

 We adopt a personal hands-on approach to compile information about the different types of lighting that could be installed, their varying maintenance costs and hours of operation. (We want to get to know you, your building and what you want to achieve to give the best and most relevant information possible). By only using measurable and quantifiable numbers, we ensure our calculations are as accurate as possible; furthermore, we can also take into account any tax implication/benefit and environmental schemes that may be relevant, as well as any other factor that could have an effect. Additionally, we will give you all the information you need to help publicise your environmentally friendly activities to your own customers and staff.

 If what you need is a custom report, than not a problem. Naturally by default, we include every piece of information that can be relevant, but if maintenance is not part of your specific budget, for example, we can simply leave this part of the calculations out. We can also help arrange funding for certain projects if appropriate, including interest-free loans to the public sector. Whatever you want is what you’ll get from us.

 If that still isn’t enough, for the additional cost of a technician’s work, we can even offer a guarantee on the energy reduction.

 Contact us now for an informal chat about your specific situation and we’ll see what we can do for you.


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