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Luminaire data sheets tell us how much light each fitting will give, but the problem is that legal and operating requirements specify how much light is needed on the floor, walls, ceiling and work surfaces. Commissioning a proper lighting design will allow you to know exactly how many and of which lights are required and where to put them. It will also give written proof that staff will be working in appropriate lighting for their work and that there will be enough light in the event of an emergency; in other words, documentation that all legal requirements are met or exceeded.

Our lighting design work focusses specifically on your needs and we ensure that the lighting to be used in your building will still meet current requirements over the entire course of their life and not just when they’re new. Someone who excels at offices and interior lighting is not necessarily the right person to design the flood lighting for a stadium or a car park; since we specifically work with different manufacturers for more bespoke lighting requirements, we bring true specialist skill to those jobs that require it.

Below is a sample of just some of the information we can provide. Do not worry if nothing below makes sense; many of our clients have never seen a lighting design before and we’re more than happy to explain and demonstrate different aspects of it. Contact us now using the form to the right to have a quick chat about how we can help with your specific requirements.Lighting-Design-Sample-(website)

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