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Is everything LED lighting now? No.
Is everything made in China? No.
Can I get a 10-year warranty? Yes!
Can I see a sample before we buy? Yes!

Maple Bear does not manufacture luminaires itself. We have agreements established direct with multiple manufacturers to provide a vast array of fittings. We know manufacturers all over the world, including China, UK, US, Thailand and numerous countries around Europe (and we are not referring to global brands like Havells-Sylvania, Osram, GE, Philips – but we’ve worked with them too). By doing this, we can truly find the best product suited to our client’s needs and for the best price. Most manufacturers will tend to specialise in certain types of lighting or applications; our method allows us to bring specialist skill to suit any lighting project. Whether it is outdoor stadium flood lights, car parks and street lighting or just replacing standard suspended grid office lighting, we treat all as the separate types they are and provide you with the most cost-effective luminaires that are fit for the job you need them to do.

Warranty: All luminaires that we supply come from established manufacturers who will give a warranty that backs up the performance claims of their lighting. Long lasting warranties (such as 10 years) are not always possible and depend on the specific use intended; therefore, these are normally arranged on a case-by-case basis and we’re more than happy to speak to our manufacturers to provide this.


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