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We take pride in our industry knowledge and work hard to stay at the forefront of lighting technology. Please get in contact; we are keen to learn of what you have to share.

TV Appearance – 31/10/2014
Making his television debut, our director Paul Robinson, appeared for an interview on the Chrissy B Show today to talk about setting up in business and the significance of lighting in our lives. In short, the vast majority of organisations (building owners and occupiers) will be financially better off if their lighting hasn’t been properly reviewed within the 5 years. Questions are free; contact us and ask.
Watch the show here (Interview starts at 16:45)

Published Article – 29/08/2014
After talking to young facilities managers starting on their path up the career ladder, our director published a guide with to help give those new to lighting an idea of how to start comparing similar luminaires. Of course you can always contact us and simply ask us if there’s anything you wish to know.
Read Full Arcticle

Forestry and Climate Change – 07/08/2014
Maple Bear has now incorporated how many hectares of trees is equivalent to the environmental affect of upgrading lighting into our standard report. After discussing at length, the fine details of different types of trees, locations, forests and woodlands (and many other variables) with the forestry commission, we have agreed on what is the best figure to use.
Here is continuing proof of our dedication and passion towards the excellent work we deliver and service we provide to our clients.

Allianz Insurance Plc – 25/06/2013
Today marks the completion of our first project for Allianz Insurance. The office looks amazing! All testing and documentation provided and signed off on a job well done.

Allianz Insurance Plc – 30/04/2013
Project proposal and specification approved, commencing our first full scale installation. New lighting is on its way for a significant cost reduction and better illumination. 

NPL study – 18/04/2013
The National Physical Laboratory published a report on LED lighting; the opening summary statement clearly demonstrates why we are so passionate about our work.
“Lighting plays an important role. All in all, lighting represents approximately 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 19% of global energy consumption, which costs global end-users a grand total of $234 billion each year.”

Nanolight – Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Three university of Toronto graduates have created “the world’s most energy efficient light bulb.” Read the full article here.


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