What we do and how we work

At Maple Bear, we can do anything needed when it comes to lighting. This includes all types of lighting and any consultation or design/specification needs right through to the supply and installation. What we do is arranged modularly so that we can adapt to suit the needs of any client. For example, if you already employ or have a preferred electrical contractor, we can simply leave out this part of our service. Everything you need and nothing you do not.

Our technical expertise and connections with every major manufacturer (and more) are here to assist you with whatever you require. More information is available on our website, but here is a brief synopsis. Of course we’d also love to have an informal chat to talk about whatever you need; you ask the questions and we’ll provide the answers.

Consultancy | Design & Specify | Supply | Install

Knowledge is power. We get to know your building and its use, your targets, aims and/or goals and we put this information up against our industry knowledge and experience to show you exactly what your lighting is costing and where viable improvements can be made.

Design & Specify
Lighting design calculations is what is used to provide proof there will be enough light where it is needed, including in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, we link this work to different manufacturer’s light fittings to give different options depending on requirements. For example, we compare having a little less light for greater energy savings or maybe a higher output but less fittings overall to reduce install and operating costs. All in all, we provide the tools and information so that you can choose what is right for you, your building and your budget.

The light fittings we supply come from many places around Europe, in China and even in the UK. Anything we supply comes with a warranty to back up the claims on the box. If we supply your light fittings, you will know for sure that what you pay for is what you will get and that those forecasted energy savings will definitely be achieved. Since light is more of a visual thing, if guarantees, full warranty and great numbers on the page aren’t enough, we’ll simply organise a sample or two for you to see the new lights in person.

Working outside normal hours is almost standard to us; we are used to adjusting when we work so that our clients can continue through their normal working schedule with almost zero disruption. We aim to make sure that all our clients are looked after from start to finish of any project, including any post-installation support that may be needed. Our experienced team can easily handle any sized project from a single small shop to large multi-site office buildings.


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